Selected press commentary and publications

"The Hannover design studio DING3000 creates products that bring magic moments to everyday life. Taking one in hand somehow calms the senses and feelings, and brings a smile to your face. Ever since the studio was established in 2005, it has unveiled one hit product after another."
AXIS 2/2012, Japan

About 2D LED:"... Not least this is something truly rare in which DING3000 has succeeded: Out of utmost simplicity in form evolves sumptuous delight of perception. Out of simple product design evolves a bit of magic. ... 
Sueddeutsche Zeitung 30.05.2009

"German design studio DING3000 ... achieved cult renown for their Pimp My Billy project cannibalizing the popular Ikea shelving unit."
Financial Times 23.03.2009

"... Ranging from furniture to accessories, their universe of creations expresses offbeat and authenticity in a style that is both timeless and modern."
Maisons et Ambiances 6/08, Switzerland

"... A venturing design-trio - this is what our time seems to be longing for. ..."
Wohnrevue 7/07, Switzerland