Reinterpretation of Tiffany lamps.

Acrylic glas, PU-coating
Size: D80 H40cm
Year: 2009

For our new lamp-design TIFFANY FLOWERS, we rediscovered the technique of Tiffany. With this technique huge quantities of complex, large, colourful and richly detailed lamps can be produced in an economic way. Unfortunately Tiffany lamps have not evolved in shape or pattern over the last 100 years.

With TIFFANY FLOWERS we have set a starting point to lend Tiffany a new fascination with the help of alternative joining techniques, new materials and a contemporary design.

TIFFANY FLOWERS is made out of more than 500 laser cut acrylic glass pieces, which are simply joined by an environmental friendly PU-coating.

Pleas go to > CASE STUDY - TIFFANY FLOWERS for the making-of.

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